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office cctv cameras

CCTV cameras are synonymous with businesses and office environments. Even though they don’t have to deal with the same robbery and security dangers as convenience shops or gasoline stations , offices possess distinctive security risks that surveillance video cameras will help protect against .

Key Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business Environments

Client and Employee Protection – We all know how important employees and clients are to a healthy business. A CCTV security camera installed in your reception or lobby is great way to safeguard your clients and employees, as well as their belongings.

Ease of  install – New HD security camera systems can be installed within minutes.  New plug and play systems allow you to simply install the cameras and connect them to the digital recorder – with no technician required.

Theft Prevention – There are times when offices experience theft during the regular business hours, especially those offices located in urban areas. Intruders have been known to come in during hours of lunch and steal co worker belongings right from their  from desks.  Installing a surveillance camera that monitors the lobby for activity is a perfect way to help curb this problem.


CCTV Reception Area Risks

Privacy Protection – Keep surveillance cameras away from cubicles, private offices, lunch rooms and conference rooms. Install cameras only in those areas such as the lobby and other public spaces.

Outages – A power surge or blackout can damage your camera or cause interruptions in recording. Although it’s rare that these damages occur, make sure you have another security system in place in case they do.


Office Areas and Lobby Configuration


No two businesses are the same and they all vary greatly in security needs and size, and there are several factors that go into the decision when selecting a surveillance system that is right for you. Consider these questions befroe selecting your security cameras:



  • Will security cameras help fix your current problems?

  • Do you have a security system in place now? If so, what kind?

  • Has there been security issues in the past?

Business Location


  • Where is your office or business located (e.g. city, suburbs, country, urban area, rural area)

  • Do you lease or share office space or do you own the building?

  • Do you have several locations or offices located in different areas?



  • What type of business do you conduct?

  • Do you have high traffic or many visitors (e.g. salesmen, patients, clients)?

  • How do you safeguard or protect your documents or records currently?

  • Are your personal or  confidential records or even trade secrets accessible to others?



  • How big is your current  staff?

  • Do you have after hour services that come into your business?

  • How is employee turnover, is it high?

  • Do you have former disgruntled employees?


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marina cctvThere are many benefits to using CCTV camera systems at Marinas. With the constant stream of visitors arriving via boat and land to visit restaurants, gift shops, and fuel stations, marinas have a complex mix of surveillance needs. A professional marine security camera system will not only help protect your property but also the property of those who dock their boats at the marina.


Marina CCTV Surveillance System Benefits


Scalability Factor – New HD video camera systems offer the key benefit of flexibility to marinas. HD IP cameras systems can grow as the marina needs more cameras. With the addition of WiFi IP cameras, marinas can easily add cameras that normally would be to difficult to wire.

Vandalism and Crime Prevention – Marina security cameras that are properly installed help to curb acts of vandalism or potential crimes to the marinas property or boats they house. In the event a criminal acts is committed, the CCTV cameras will document and provide the evidence needed for prosecution. Surveillance cameras also act as deterrents and help stop possible criminal activity.

Enhance Marina Security – Having CCTV cameras present and visible helps to enhance the feeling of safety. Visitors using the marina services at night night will have the added sense of security knowing full well that security cameras are continuously monitoring the marina.

Liability Concerns – Having recorded video at the marina will help to reduce any liability cases that may involve accidents or crimes on the boats, docks, or other marina facilities.

Loss Reduction – Marinas are known for providing a wide variety of services. With restaurants, fuel stations and gifts shops on the premise security cameras help to reduce losses from theft or crime. Installing CCTV cameras at key points such as exits and entrances and at cash registers will help further protect the marina.


Security Risks at Marinas


Vandalism Threat – Any time a camera is tampered with you have the risk of losing video. We suggest you use tamper proof cameras to help offset possible vandalism.


Marina Security Surveillance System Configuration


There are key factors to consider when selecting a surveillance system for marinas. We suggest you consider the following.:

  • Do you currently employ security staff to patrol the marina?

  • Is a security system currently present at the marina?

  • What criminal activity has occurred at the marina in the past?

  • Has there been issues with vandalism to the facilities or equipment?

  • Do you currently control access to the marina?

  • Do you have a high traffic location?

  • How do you currently control access to the marina and boats?

  • How do you monitor your marina at night  and after hours?


Marina CCTV Camera Setup Advice


  • All marina visitors entering or exiting should be monitored and recorded with security cameras.

  • Record and monitor all marina visitors approaching by boat as well as those visiting their docked vessels.

  • Boat ramps, loading zones and unloading zones should have cameras installed.

  • All retail locations and shops should have security cameras present to prevent theft and criminal acts.

  • Parking lots should also have CCTV cameras to help prevent vandalism and break-in attempts.

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Casino Security Cameras Security cameras systems play a vital role within the gaming and casino industry. Whenever you have large sums of money in one location there is always the threat of criminal activity, it’s imperative that the facilities are properly monitored and recorded. The risks of an incident is always higher when you have a constant flow of money and foot traffic. Installing a proper video surveillance system can help cut down those risks and help eliminate crime and theft while allowing paying customers to enjoy the gaming experience safely.


Benefits of Casino Security Cameras

Ease of installation – New enhancements in digital video security cameras lets casinos and gaming facilities easily deploy and install cameras with a single wire. The flexibility of the security systems allows for the cameras to be installed most anywhere. Since the digital systems operate through a network they can be seen or monitored from anywhere in the facility and this allows for more personnel to help with the surveillance monitoring.

Crowds – Large crowds at casinos can be hard for security personnel. Security cameras help casinos to monitor large crowds for suspicious activity, and disruptions.

Suspicious casino players – For as long as gambling has existed there has been a gambler looking to beat the system with some sort of hustle or cheating tactic.  Cameras installed in key areas help security staff to get HD crystal clear views of the gaming tables, allowing them to closely monitor all the action at the table including individual players.

Theft Prevention – No one likes to get caught cheating. Security cameras help to deter crime simply by being present throughout the facilities.  Surveillance cameras also help authorities when identifying criminals during criminal investigations. Surveillance cameras also help to monitor employee theft and dealers that may be working with others to cheat the system.

Violence and Fights – Typically where there is gambling there is alcohol. Whenever you have large crowds, alcohol and high stakes gambling, you have the potential for tense situations. Security camera systems allow security staff to quickly dispatch guards  to a specific area in the event there is a situation..

Remote Viewing – Digital surveillance systems allows security staff and personnel to monitor video footage whether live or recorded from various remote locations, including on their smartphones or tablets.

Risks of Gambling and Casino CCTV

Privacy ConcernsCCTV cameras in public areas are commonly accepted. Areas such as the exits, entrances, bars, eating areas, and gaming floors should have surveillance present. Surveillance cameras should not be installed in private areas like bathrooms, this is a violation of privacy.


Gaming Surveillance Cameras Configuration and Considerations


2 Megapixel IP PTZ cameraKeeping guests secure and safe is of utmost  importance for casinos. Properly installed security cameras help to keep gaming facilities safe from theft, crime and violence. We suggest that you consider the following when deploying your video surveillance system:

  • What are some of the current security risks in your facility?

  • What security systems do you currently have installed or deployed?

  • Are you understaffed with security officers?

  • Have you had instances of cheating at your facility?

  • Has fighting or violence occurred at the casino?

  • Does the casino experience large crowds of people and traffic?

  • Do you have surveillance covering all your cashier areas?

  • Has theft been a problem at the gaming facility?

  • Do you offer high stake tables that need special attention?

  • Have you had issues with employee theft at the facility?

Casino Security Camera Setup Advice


  • Install security cameras at all exits and entrances so you may record and document all players coming to the facility.

  • All gaming floors should have security cameras monitoring them. This includes slot machines and tables.

  • Gaming tables should have their own security cameras specifically to monitor gameplay, cheating and suspicious behavior.

  • All areas storing currency or where currency is exchanged should have surveillance cameras present.

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Security Cameras for MuseumsMuseums store and house some of the most precious and valuable collections in the world.  Monitoring these works of art is necessary and is a huge undertaking. Works of art are always prime targets for thieves. A well installed video surveillance system will help to protect a museum’s art collections from possible acts of vandalism and thievery. Lets look into CCTV Security Cameras for Museums and their benefits.


Museum Security Surveillance Systems Benefits

Ease of  installation – Museums can often be very difficult to wire because of their assets and building structure. New IP surveillance camera technology offer easy-to-install systems that simply use one wire for installation. These cameras offer outstanding flexibility. IP cameras can be installed throughout the museum, and communicate through a local IP network with no complicated wiring setup. Many if these cameras are even offered in WiFi.

Remote accessing – New NVRs (network video recorders) and DVRs (digital video records) allow for remote live viewing over the local network or Internet. Security staff and guards can monitor security video footage and even remote control security cameras from any tablet, smartphone or PC with Internet access. This allows them to roam the property as well to show a physical presence.


Theft Prevention – Besides monitoring fine works of art security cameras can tightly monitor other display areas, retail locations, eating areas, storage rooms, and other possible locations throughout the museum. The cameras will help you watch for suspicious activity and potential theft.

Employee Theft – Unfortunately employee theft is always a threat. Video security cameras help to keep a close watch on all your employees as they do their work in the museum, and cameras help deter employees from theft.


Vandalism Protection – With priceless works of art any defacement done to piece can be a major problem for a museum. Especially those pieces which are displayed right within the public’s reach. Surveillance cameras help to deter acts of vandalism and enables security personnel to possibly spot any potential threats.

Exhibition Security Camera Risks

Privacy Concerns – There is no doubt to that cameras should be placed throughout a museum, but there are several areas in where cameras should be considered off limits such as employee restrooms.

Damage and Vandalism – Any time you have cameras installed in public areas there is a chance that they may suffer potential damage from vandalism or tampering. You should always have backup security measures in the event a camera video signal is lost.

Gallery Security Camera Configuration Questions

3 Megapixel IP Dome CameraThough museum’s house large works of art with monetary value, you cannot replace one-of-a-kind pieces of art and thus protecting these assets is of the utmost importance. We suggest that you consider the following when installing a video surveillance system for your museum:

  • What are biggest security threats?

  • Is your security personnel understaffed?

  • What security systems do currently have installed at the museum?

  • How do you have your collections displayed in the museum?

  • Do you store other collections which are not displayed?

  • Is staff currently situated at all entrances and exits?

  • Has there been theft at the museum in the past?

  • Have you experienced acts of vandalism?

  • Do you consider employee theft a concern?

  • What key areas of the museum are most prone to possible theft and vandalism?

  • What current value do you place on your collection display?

  • What areas house your most valuable pieces?

Art Show Surveillance Setup Advice

  • Install cameras at all exits and entrances to monitor all those entering and leaving the exhibition hall, museum, or gallery.

  • All rooms containing art collections should have cameras installed to properly monitor them.

  • Those areas that house high valuable works should be payed special attention to.

  • Install surveillance cameras in those storage areas containing additional collections or items.

  • All loading areas should be monitored and recorded.

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Sporting Events CCTVSporting events are synonymous with large crowds that draw criminal activity. Maintaining large crowds in check, keeping events safe and avoiding possible threats and disturbances such as terrorism, can be a large undertaking for any security staff. Security cameras offer an invaluable tool to ensure the safety of the players, fans, staff, and the facilities themselves.

The Benefits of Stadium CCTV


Controlling Crowds – Sporting events attract very passionate fans and emotions can get heated quickly during a sporting event. Security cameras can help monitor, concessions, hallways and stands for disturbances and fights amongst the masses.

Ease of  installation – Todays digital video surveillance cameras can be installed easily. Sporting complexes can be outfitted with IP cameras that communicate through an IP network. Since networks are easily scalable you can add cameras as you see fit no matter where you need the cameras installed.

Coming and Going – Most sporting events have very large crowds that form when entering and exiting the facility. This can cause many issues and disturbances. CCTV cameras can monitor those high traffic areas making sure that patrons have safe and smooth passage.

Player Protection – Unfortunately players are also at risk during sporting events. Flying objects, streaking fans and physical attacks are known to have occurred on the playing field. This activity can be monitored and you can quickly alert security staff directly to the scene before a situation gets out of hand.

Terrorism Prevention – With such large amounts of people sporting events are unfortunately viewed by many as potential targets for terrorism. Video Surveillance can be help to recognize any potential terrorists. The Superbowl, as an example, is known for implementing and using video analytics such as facial recognition monitor crowds for known felons.

Remote ViewingNetwork video recorders allow sporting events to view all their cameras and video streams on the local network and over the internet. Security personnel can monitor live video footage and even control cameras remotely from tablets, phones and any computer with Internet access.

Arena Security Surveillance Risks


Privacy Concerns – Public areas on the facility should be the only areas monitored by security cameras. Private areas such as bathrooms are considered highly off limits to video surveillance.

Damage and Vandalism  – Anytime you have cameras installed out in the open in public locations they run the risk sustaining damage from vandalism and tampering, leading to the possibility of lapses in video recording.

Configuring Video Surveillance at Sports Facilities and Fields


Wholesale Surveillance CamerasThe sheer volume of  people that attend a sporting event makes monitoring them a daunting task. Adding the large size of most sporting facilities themselves makes a properly installed surveillance network that much more important. We suggest you consider the following factors when preparing to install a CCTV System:


  • What is your facilities greatest security risk?

  • Is crowd control a problem your events?

  • What security systems do you have in place currently?

  • Are there major events that you host that typically bring in larger crowds than normal?

  • Is terrorism a valid concern at your facility?

  • Have athletes had issues with fans or crowds, such as confrontations?

  • Have you experienced employee theft in the past?

  • Do you have a parking facility on site?

  • Are your entrances and exits covered by security?

  • Do you have concession stands, bars and restaurants on the facility?

  • Is your security staff understaffed?

  • What key areas of the facility are you most concerned with?

Security Cameras at Sporting Events Setup Advice

  • Cameras should be placed where you can view and monitor all crowds.

  • Remote controlled cameras should be deployed. Cameras with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom capability allow personnel to zoom in and follow suspicious individuals and hone into disturbances so they can be closely watched.

  • All exits and entrances should have cameras installed. This helps to  monitor the all individuals and crowds coming in and out of the facility.

  • Parking lot cameras help to deter crime and theft involving parked vehicles. They also keep visitors safe.

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Surveillance cameras for daycares, preschools and care centers should provide clean, crisp detail in the event that an incident occurs. HD digital cameras allow schools the ability to record and monitor the children in HD video. This high resolution helps daycare owners monitor the classrooms and playgrounds with ease and helps them determine who is present at all times.

Here is a suggestion of products that may be used for day care security.

Here are some things you should consider before installing a daycare camera system.


child care security camerasOur children deserve to be safe and well installed CCTV system is a perfect tool for Child Care centers. With many households now having both parents working, childcare has become an essential part of many children. A security camera system installed at your childcare center or  day care will provide parents a piece of mind while helping to keep children safe.


Daycare Security Cameras  - The Benefits


Ease of  Install – Many of todays digital security camera systems offer easy installation. From simple plug and play IP camera systems to Wifi wireless ip cameras that set-up in minutes. Simply setup your wireless router and mount the ip cameras, and digital video recorder will self-configure.

Children and employee protection – Security cameras are your second pair of eyes and ears. A well designed video surveillance system will help you keep track of your staff and children at all times while helping to keep unwanted visitors and intruders out of your daycare.

Building Security – Burglar alarms, access control and CCTV cameras can work in tandem to help secure your building and keep it safe from intruders, thieves and vandals.

Remote viewing – New digital security camera systems allow you to remotely monitor and view your cameras from anywhere you have an internet connection. Daycare owners with multiple properties and multiple day care centers will be able to check in on any of them at any time. You have the option of providing parents with the web address to view the security video feeds in your playground, classroom or playroom so they may check on their children

Company Image – Video security cameras can help to enhance your school’s image by giving a good impression to all your potential customers while also giving current customers a peace of mind.

Security Camera Risk at Childcare Centers


Privacy Concerns – Its imperative that you protect the privacy of your staff, employees and all the children you care for, make sure to keep video security cameras in key public places such as playgrounds, playrooms, and nap areas.

Security Cameras Care Facilities Configuration


2MP ip bullet cameraAll Day Care, (care centers, preschools, nannies, community centers, etc ) centers will vary in location and size. We suggest that you consider the following when installing and setting up your security surveillance system:

  • What is your neighborhood like? Does your area have security problems?

  • What is your most important security issue at the daycare?

  • How involved is your facility within the neighborhood

  • What security system do you have installed currently?

  • Have theft or break-ins occurred in the past?

  • Has there been past incidents you wished you would have caught on tape?

Day Care Security Camera Setup Advice

Install video cameras in those open areas at your daycare so children are constantly monitored during naptime, playtime, recess or lunch.


  • Parking lot cameras can help prevent vandalism or theft to staff and parent cars.

  • Cameras should always be installed at all exits and entrances so you may get a clear picture of all who enter or exit your building.

  • Protect your valuables (computers, safes, electronics, etc) by installing cameras within areas that house these items.

campus security camerasThere is no doubting that college campuses pose security challenges. College campuses have many facilities and buildings throughout the property. With courtyards, dormitories, sports complexes, cafeterias and libraries, there is much to cover. Well designed and implemented campus security cameras can go a long way in ensuring the safety of faculty, visitors, students, and facilities on campus. We look into why its a good thing to have Security Camera Systems for Campus.

View blog posts relating to campus & school surveillance.

University CCTV System Benefits

Secure facilities – With large amounts and various buildings on a college campus, each one the buildings will have its own security needs. Campus surveillance cameras help to secure the facilities, as they monitor and watch for suspicious people, behavior and unauthorized access.

Student Protection – A college campus can be difficult to navigate and students often have to walk long distances when going from class to class. Walking the campus especially at night leaves a lot of students uncomfortable. 2 Megapixel IP PTZ cameraCCTV cameras offer an invaluable tool, allowing college students to roam the campus under the safe watch of campus surveillance cameras.

Deter Criminals – Working as a visible deterrent, campus security cameras stop potential criminals from committing a crime, theft and break-in.

Vandalism – Campus security cameras help to curb vandalism on school property.

Parking lots – Parking lot security cameras can deter and prevent criminal activity as well as theft in parking lots. It also helps to protect students and staff that have to walk to their cars at all hours.

Investigation Help – Having surveillance video footage stored digitally on hard drives helps to identify individuals who have committed crimes, thefts or have breached school policies.

University policies – College campuses are like mini cities. Besides having to follow state and county laws, students also have to adhere to school policies. Security cameras can help monitor all campus activity, working to ensure that university policies are properly followed.

Ease of installationDigital video cameras and systems allow for easy installation and deployment. With options such as Wi-Fi transmission available many campuses can easily install cameras without the need to trench, destroy campus grounds to lay down wire.

Remote Access – All digital video camera system today offer full remote access to the cameras over a local network or over the internet. This means that your campuses can be monitored and viewed from anywhere on campus or the world. Security guards and administration can access college security cameras from any PC, Mac, iphone or Android device at any time. This is especially useful to security staff that no longer has to be in one room monitoring the entire campus.


College CCTV System Potential Problems


There are certain risks and problems one should consider when installing campus security cameras throughout  the college or university.

Vandalism of Cameras – Whenever you have visible security cameras, they can be a target for tampering and vandalism. Anytime you have a damaged camera you run the risk of having lapses in your recording.

Privacy Concerns – Surveillance cameras should always only record in those public areas on the facilities and campus grounds. All areas considered private areas such as faculty break rooms, dorm rooms, and bathrooms are considered highly inappropriate for CCTV camera installation.

False sense of security – Surveillance cameras will not stop a crime that is happening or taking place. Surveillance video is very effective at heightening campus safety, but it’s important to have security staff and law enforcement patrolling the campus grounds as an additional security measure..

Campus Security Camera Configurations

As mentioned previously, a college campus is like a mini city and like a small city providing proper video surveillance for a small city can be difficult. With so many different types of buildings, facilities and settings that need continuous monitoring it can prove daunting. Taking into consideration the safety of faculty, students, and school property you should consider the  following factors when installing a campus surveillance system:

  • Have acts of violence occurred on campus?

  • Do you consider vandalism a concern?

  • Have you had school property damage in the past?

  • How is your campus lighting? Is the campus properly lit at night?

  • Are there trouble spots on campus that typically need to be monitored more than others?

  • Have you experienced burglaries on campus?

  • Have parking lots had instances of crime and theft?

  • What security systems do you have in place currently?

  • Are you short staffed with security personnel?

  • When school is out of session is there adequate security in place ?


CCTV Surveillance Best Practices for College and University Campuses

  • Install security cameras near all exits and entrances to school buildings.

  • Parking lots should have surveillance cameras installed.

  • Install cameras in those areas that most often have less traffic and are poorly lit. Those areas that faculty and students might find themselves defenseless and alone.

  • Install cameras in those areas where money is transferred such as cashier offices, campus stores cafeterias, and other areas where money is exchanged.

  • Sporting events have large crowds and should have proper video surveillance cameras installed.

  • Lobbies and hallways and stairways should have cameras monitoring them.

  • Residence halls should have cameras installed for enhanced security.

  • Courtyards and outdoor seating areas should have cameras installed.