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Frankie Cordova is the founder of CCTVBLOG.COM, your source for CCTV news and video surveillance information. Frankie Cordova has been in the security industry for over 20 years. CCTVBLOG was developed to offer a channel to industry news, insight and technology.

Security Cameras for MuseumsMuseums store and house some of the most precious and valuable collections in the world.  Monitoring these works of art is necessary and is a huge undertaking. Works of art are always prime targets for thieves. A well installed video surveillance system will help to protect a museum’s art collections from possible acts of vandalism and thievery. Lets look into CCTV Security Cameras for Museums and their benefits.


Museum Security Surveillance Systems Benefits

Ease of  installation – Museums can often be very difficult to wire because of their assets and building structure. New IP surveillance camera technology offer easy-to-install systems that simply use one wire for installation. These cameras offer outstanding flexibility. IP cameras can be installed throughout the museum, and communicate through a local IP network with no complicated wiring setup. Many if these cameras are even offered in WiFi.

Remote accessing – New NVRs (network video recorders) and DVRs (digital video records) allow for remote live viewing over the local network or Internet. Security staff and guards can monitor security video footage and even remote control security cameras from any tablet, smartphone or PC with Internet access. This allows them to roam the property as well to show a physical presence.


Theft Prevention – Besides monitoring fine works of art security cameras can tightly monitor other display areas, retail locations, eating areas, storage rooms, and other possible locations throughout the museum. The cameras will help you watch for suspicious activity and potential theft.

Employee Theft – Unfortunately employee theft is always a threat. Video security cameras help to keep a close watch on all your employees as they do their work in the museum, and cameras help deter employees from theft.


Vandalism Protection – With priceless works of art any defacement done to piece can be a major problem for a museum. Especially those pieces which are displayed right within the public’s reach. Surveillance cameras help to deter acts of vandalism and enables security personnel to possibly spot any potential threats.

Exhibition Security Camera Risks

Privacy Concerns – There is no doubt to that cameras should be placed throughout a museum, but there are several areas in where cameras should be considered off limits such as employee restrooms.

Damage and Vandalism – Any time you have cameras installed in public areas there is a chance that they may suffer potential damage from vandalism or tampering. You should always have backup security measures in the event a camera video signal is lost.

Gallery Security Camera Configuration Questions

3 Megapixel IP Dome CameraThough museum’s house large works of art with monetary value, you cannot replace one-of-a-kind pieces of art and thus protecting these assets is of the utmost importance. We suggest that you consider the following when installing a video surveillance system for your museum:

  • What are biggest security threats?

  • Is your security personnel understaffed?

  • What security systems do currently have installed at the museum?

  • How do you have your collections displayed in the museum?

  • Do you store other collections which are not displayed?

  • Is staff currently situated at all entrances and exits?

  • Has there been theft at the museum in the past?

  • Have you experienced acts of vandalism?

  • Do you consider employee theft a concern?

  • What key areas of the museum are most prone to possible theft and vandalism?

  • What current value do you place on your collection display?

  • What areas house your most valuable pieces?

Art Show Surveillance Setup Advice

  • Install cameras at all exits and entrances to monitor all those entering and leaving the exhibition hall, museum, or gallery.

  • All rooms containing art collections should have cameras installed to properly monitor them.

  • Those areas that house high valuable works should be payed special attention to.

  • Install surveillance cameras in those storage areas containing additional collections or items.

  • All loading areas should be monitored and recorded.

Sporting Events CCTVSporting events are synonymous with large crowds that draw criminal activity. Maintaining large crowds in check, keeping events safe and avoiding possible threats and disturbances such as terrorism, can be a large undertaking for any security staff. Security cameras offer an invaluable tool to ensure the safety of the players, fans, staff, and the facilities themselves.

The Benefits of Stadium CCTV


Controlling Crowds – Sporting events attract very passionate fans and emotions can get heated quickly during a sporting event. Security cameras can help monitor, concessions, hallways and stands for disturbances and fights amongst the masses.

Ease of  installation – Todays digital video surveillance cameras can be installed easily. Sporting complexes can be outfitted with IP cameras that communicate through an IP network. Since networks are easily scalable you can add cameras as you see fit no matter where you need the cameras installed.

Coming and Going – Most sporting events have very large crowds that form when entering and exiting the facility. This can cause many issues and disturbances. CCTV cameras can monitor those high traffic areas making sure that patrons have safe and smooth passage.

Player Protection – Unfortunately players are also at risk during sporting events. Flying objects, streaking fans and physical attacks are known to have occurred on the playing field. This activity can be monitored and you can quickly alert security staff directly to the scene before a situation gets out of hand.

Terrorism Prevention – With such large amounts of people sporting events are unfortunately viewed by many as potential targets for terrorism. Video Surveillance can be help to recognize any potential terrorists. The Superbowl, as an example, is known for implementing and using video analytics such as facial recognition monitor crowds for known felons.

Remote ViewingNetwork video recorders allow sporting events to view all their cameras and video streams on the local network and over the internet. Security personnel can monitor live video footage and even control cameras remotely from tablets, phones and any computer with Internet access.

Arena Security Surveillance Risks


Privacy Concerns – Public areas on the facility should be the only areas monitored by security cameras. Private areas such as bathrooms are considered highly off limits to video surveillance.

Damage and Vandalism  – Anytime you have cameras installed out in the open in public locations they run the risk sustaining damage from vandalism and tampering, leading to the possibility of lapses in video recording.

Configuring Video Surveillance at Sports Facilities and Fields


Wholesale Surveillance CamerasThe sheer volume of  people that attend a sporting event makes monitoring them a daunting task. Adding the large size of most sporting facilities themselves makes a properly installed surveillance network that much more important. We suggest you consider the following factors when preparing to install a CCTV System:


  • What is your facilities greatest security risk?

  • Is crowd control a problem your events?

  • What security systems do you have in place currently?

  • Are there major events that you host that typically bring in larger crowds than normal?

  • Is terrorism a valid concern at your facility?

  • Have athletes had issues with fans or crowds, such as confrontations?

  • Have you experienced employee theft in the past?

  • Do you have a parking facility on site?

  • Are your entrances and exits covered by security?

  • Do you have concession stands, bars and restaurants on the facility?

  • Is your security staff understaffed?

  • What key areas of the facility are you most concerned with?

Security Cameras at Sporting Events Setup Advice

  • Cameras should be placed where you can view and monitor all crowds.

  • Remote controlled cameras should be deployed. Cameras with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom capability allow personnel to zoom in and follow suspicious individuals and hone into disturbances so they can be closely watched.

  • All exits and entrances should have cameras installed. This helps to  monitor the all individuals and crowds coming in and out of the facility.

  • Parking lot cameras help to deter crime and theft involving parked vehicles. They also keep visitors safe.

Lab Research SurveillanceResearch environments such as lab research, and testing facilities are not typically viewed as surveillance hotspots but labs require very stringent security to help protect researchers, valuable ideas, and expensive lab equipment from theft, intellectual espionage, and other possible threats. Security camera surveillance is a valuable asset for laboratories and keeps experiments, equipment, intellectual property, and researchers safe.

Laboratory Security Cameras Benefits


Security Enhancement – Exits and entrances to the building and labs themselves helps to keep work areas free and safe from intruder,  trespassers or unauthorized personnel.

Research Protection – Large grants are often given to research projects which have long-running experiments with complicated and extensive data. Surveillance cameras installed in labs and storage areas help to ensure that experiments progress undisturbed and your final results are not manipulated in any way.

Observations – Not only do surveillance cameras offer security, they also assist in observation. Monitoring and recording your lab experiments offers you the opportunity to closely observe your employees, subjects and research.

Surveillance Risks for Experiments and Labs

Privacy Concerns – You should always consider the privacy of your employees, researchers and students when installing cameras in your lab. Install cameras in public areas and advertise the presence of cameras.

Damages – Place cameras in those areas where they will be least likely damaged or vandalised. A damaged surveillance cameras will interrupt your video recording footage and can lead to theft  or more damage.

Research Security Camera Considerations

As no experiment is the same neither are the labs that they are conducted in. All labs will have different security needs, so we suggest you consider the following when installing surveillance system in your lab:

  • What security problems or issues have you had in the past, and where?

  • What security issue concerns you the most when conducting experiments?

  • Is confidential and sensitive research conducted at your site?

  • What security systems and measures do you have in place currently?


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concert surveillanceThe entertainment industry looks to surveillance to help monitor the thousands of spectators and visitors that attend their events. Sporting events and concerts typically draw a large number of customers that expect a safe environment. This is where a well installed entertainment surveillance system can help.

Security Cameras for Entertainment – The Benefits


You will never have enough staff to physically watch over everyone during a large event.

Surveillance cameras help to provide an additional set of eyes and ears that can monitor entire scenes, this allows security staff to swiftly respond to any suspicious activity and disturbances. There are many events that are hosted within the entertainment industry and in events such as museums, CCTV cameras help to monitor crowds and prevent theft of art and valuable works. New HD megapixel technology is vastly improving the effectiveness of security video surveillance, helping to improve security within the entertainment industry in many aspects, including the following:

Controlling crowds – Large crowds are never good when it comes to security. Disruptive behavior and violence can overshadow an event and have costly consequences. A video security camera system plays a huge role by providing security personnel with HD cystal clear views of the events, and gives staff the ability to focus individuals and on specific scenes of interest.

Event Safety – Getting into and out of an event can be difficult. Large amounts of crowds form an event, and exits and entrances can create a bottleneck when everyone is trying to get to same location. Security surveillance installed in these areas helps to lessening the impact of disturbances and interruptions for all those people coming and going. Security cameras can help you reroute or open a new entrance or exit way if the crowds become too large.

Building security – Any time you have an event you will always have key restricted access areas that need to be monitored. Video surveillance can insure that only registered guests and staff members have access to key entry areas of a facility.

Preventing theft – Having CCTV present reduces the odds of crime and theft, be it from employees or outsiders, by deterring thieves and helping to capture them in the act.

Ease of installation – HD surveillance systems are not complicated as they once were. Many of the cameras today are easily mountable and transmit live video feeds through a network and internet. This helps to make video surveillance more flexible to end users and proves to be more effective than ever before.

32ch NVRRemote Viewing – New HD surveillance with an NVR (network video recorder) allows management and security staff the capability viewing cameras over the internet. You are no longer limited to just viewing the cameras at the recorder, you can stream video to any Mac, PC, iPhone or Android device from anywhere in the world.

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Surveillance cameras for daycares, preschools and care centers should provide clean, crisp detail in the event that an incident occurs. HD digital cameras allow schools the ability to record and monitor the children in HD video. This high resolution helps daycare owners monitor the classrooms and playgrounds with ease and helps them determine who is present at all times.

Here is a suggestion of products that may be used for day care security.

Here are some things you should consider before installing a daycare camera system.


child care security camerasOur children deserve to be safe and well installed CCTV system is a perfect tool for Child Care centers. With many households now having both parents working, childcare has become an essential part of many children. A security camera system installed at your childcare center or  day care will provide parents a piece of mind while helping to keep children safe.


Daycare Security Cameras  - The Benefits


Ease of  Install – Many of todays digital security camera systems offer easy installation. From simple plug and play IP camera systems to Wifi wireless ip cameras that set-up in minutes. Simply setup your wireless router and mount the ip cameras, and digital video recorder will self-configure.

Children and employee protection – Security cameras are your second pair of eyes and ears. A well designed video surveillance system will help you keep track of your staff and children at all times while helping to keep unwanted visitors and intruders out of your daycare.

Building Security – Burglar alarms, access control and CCTV cameras can work in tandem to help secure your building and keep it safe from intruders, thieves and vandals.

Remote viewing – New digital security camera systems allow you to remotely monitor and view your cameras from anywhere you have an internet connection. Daycare owners with multiple properties and multiple day care centers will be able to check in on any of them at any time. You have the option of providing parents with the web address to view the security video feeds in your playground, classroom or playroom so they may check on their children

Company Image – Video security cameras can help to enhance your school’s image by giving a good impression to all your potential customers while also giving current customers a peace of mind.

Security Camera Risk at Childcare Centers


Privacy Concerns – Its imperative that you protect the privacy of your staff, employees and all the children you care for, make sure to keep video security cameras in key public places such as playgrounds, playrooms, and nap areas.

Security Cameras Care Facilities Configuration


2MP ip bullet cameraAll Day Care, (care centers, preschools, nannies, community centers, etc ) centers will vary in location and size. We suggest that you consider the following when installing and setting up your security surveillance system:

  • What is your neighborhood like? Does your area have security problems?

  • What is your most important security issue at the daycare?

  • How involved is your facility within the neighborhood

  • What security system do you have installed currently?

  • Have theft or break-ins occurred in the past?

  • Has there been past incidents you wished you would have caught on tape?

Day Care Security Camera Setup Advice

Install video cameras in those open areas at your daycare so children are constantly monitored during naptime, playtime, recess or lunch.


  • Parking lot cameras can help prevent vandalism or theft to staff and parent cars.

  • Cameras should always be installed at all exits and entrances so you may get a clear picture of all who enter or exit your building.

  • Protect your valuables (computers, safes, electronics, etc) by installing cameras within areas that house these items.

ip camera system

Not everyone is hip to the network game. To this day the amount of calls we receive for help are 80% network related support calls. Yes, 80%. We have come to the simple conclusion that not everyone understands or will understand the small details involved when installing IP camera systems. Whether it’s bandwidth, resolution, bit-rate or a simple gigabit connection, it simply does not matter. All the features, bells and whistles found on IP cameras are a moot point when the technology is not properly utilized and deployed. 4 channel nvr with 4 port poe

Not all is lost though, newer, simpler network video recorders have hit the market promising to simplify the network aspect of IP cameras. Newer standalone NVRs ( all in one DVRs, similar to home DVRs for those of you that are non-technical) offer plug and play connections which recognize the cameras the moment they are connected to the recorder. Instead of installers or consumers having to search for the cameras on the network or manually program each camera to the recorder the system does it by itself. This alleviates a huge headache for many. Customers or dealers will still have to open ports to view the cameras remotely on the internet but there are many websites that can help you with doing this. Camera resolution, bit-rate and compression is easily selectable in the NVR menu. These newer network video recorders offer simple plug and play solutions that are as easy as their analog coax counterparts. These newer NVRs offer a network connection on the back to directly plug the cameras into. This network jack will supply power directly to the camera so you do not have to run an extra power cable to the camera. Its basically a one wire connection. You will have a separate network connection that you will use to connect to your home or business network ( just like a PC or playstation) so you can view your cameras on the local network or internet. The NVR has its own separate power supply that comes with it and you normally will have a remote control and mouse that is included with each unit to make operation easier. These systems will normally offer features such as digital zoom during live and playback to take advantage of those HD camera resolutions. Most NVRs offer mobile applications to view the systems remotely from your iPhone, Android phone or tablet which is very similar to most analog cctv systems.

If you have been hesitant to install an iP camera system because of the complexity of the setup process we strongly suggest you reconsider. The future is here and and anyone can take advantage of it, yes, even you.




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ip bullet cameraLast year we saw a huge increase in low priced 720p IP cameras. 1MP and 1.3MP IP cameras really became the go to standard for low end IP cameras. Though 720p is no slouch in the resolution department many customers did not upgrade to higher resolution cameras because of the difference in price points between 1 and 2 megapixel cameras, especially when purchasing multiple cameras at one time. As the year has gone on we have seen a sizable shift towards 2 megapixel security cameras becoming more affordable. In many circumstances, these price points are on par with analog CCTV cameras which many did not think would occur so quickly. The difference between analog cameras and megapixel cameras is night day and the main reason for purchasing analog has mostly always been price. Simply put, they have been cheaper and less expensive to buy, technology and quality be damned.

Those days are coming to end and very quickly I might add. 1080p IP cameras are starting to hit the $100-$150 mark and this includes varifocal lenses and ICR built in! A well made CCTV analog camera with a Sony effio-P CCD, varifocal lens and tamper proof housing can set you back anywhere between $80-$170 dollars, depending on the vendor and manufacture. A 2MP camera in todays market with similar varifocal lens and ICR is now within the same price range. To most technicians and dealers this is a no brainer but to the common consumer this still does not seal the deal. The main reason is availability and ease of purchase. CCTV analog cameras still dominate the retail space and are easily available at most large retailers next to the club soda and crackers. With no real comparison to HD in that price point when they are purchasing, most tend to go with whats cheapest and not best.

With HD becoming a household word IP cameras in this space will do relatively well with consumers now that price points are on par with what they are used to seeing. Camera packages and systems offering 1080p at analog prices are already available, its just matter of time before the scale tips towards the masses of IP 1080p. As the tile states 1080P HD IP Security Cameras offer a great value for the price.