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CVI PTZ Flush Mount Camera

CVI technology continues to fill the gaps with new models. The latest flush mount CVI PTZ cameras offer customers something they did not have before.  This recessed mount 720p HD-CVI camera fits perfectly in the ceiling only displaying its dome and faceplate.

Offering 12x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom you can expect to see things clearly when needed. Offering key features such as BLC/HLC and digital wide dynamic range. Like any CVI camera there is no need to run RS485 to control this camera. The data is transmitted via the coax cable with the video. This makes installations far easier than traditional coax analog PTZ cameras.

You will find 5 patterns and 8 tours that may be fully programmed along with 255 presets. The camera is also IP66 rated.

We are starting to growth of CVI as it expands into the typical model styles we are accustomed to. I expect to a large amount of  new cameras introduced into the marketplace within the next couple of months. Expect to see new releases of long range bullet cameras, box cameras and vandal proof dome cameras that expand with extended IR ranges, longer lenses and higher resolution.

3 Megapixel IP Bullet Camera with 100ft IR

Quick Look at the new 3 Megapixel IP Bullet Camera:

We have added a new IP Bullet Camera to our lineup. This 3MP bullet camera offers a 2.7-12mm lens with an infrared distance of 100 feet. There is an SD card slot located within the camera which allows for recording directly at the camera with an SD card. Power the camera with either 12v or POE and this camera is ONVIF compliant.

Can be used both indoors or outdoors and offers alarm inputs, outputs, audio in and out. Recordable video resolution at 3MP (2048 x 1536 pixels). 


Cable Connections

More Info

Audio in, Audio Out, Alarm In, Alarm Out, Reset, 12v Power, POE

Cable Feed Through Bracket

Protects Camera Wire

Keeps wire hidden from potential vandals.

Swivel Mount

Easy install bracket

Swivel Mount

Allows maximum adjustment range. Install on ceiling or wall.

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Integrators are not one trick ponies. By definition, they provide a wide variety of services and integrate them for customers. Normally, a security integrator will provide several services that are very typical to their field. They may integrate access control with security cameras, install IP cameras integrated with home automation or mix technologies like analog camera systems with new HD technology offerings. These services usually relate closely with the services they provide, but C.W.Telecom Ltd based out of Trinidad, has taken integration of their services to another level. Working on board the drilling rig Rowan Gorilla III, C.W. Telecom provided ICT, marine and heat treatment services at Labidco/NEC Port , La-brea Trinidad. C.W. Telecom a member of CCTVBLOG and surveillance security integrator also performs all sorts of additional services beyond the scope of a traditional integration company.



C.W.Telecom Networking

C.W. Telecom started their work inside by providing ICT support for the voice and data infrastructure and did a neat job while staying dry within the nice air conditioned room, but they didn’t stop there.






C.W. decided to get into their deep sea suits and get to work below the vessel. Deep, below the vessel. What looks like a scene straight out of the movie, Men of Honor is actually a C.W.Telecom employee prepping for their dive.

CCTVBLOG Member C.W. Telecom

C.W. Telecom preps to perform its duties well below the vessel.


C.W. Telecom President, Sheldon Chunesingh helps his driver prep


Here are some of the services they performed :

1) Commercial Diving Inspection Services were provided to the following areas of the Rig: the rig eegs, spud cans and the hull of the vessel.
2) Heat Treatment Services as well as Magnetic Particle Inspection was carried out on all weldings, Manifolds, Pipes etc.
3) ICT Support for Voice and Data infrastructure  was provided from Labidco base which was all installed by C.W.Telecom Ltd.
C.W. Telecom provides surveillance security installations throughout Trinidad while also performing key services that go beyond the normal scope of security. Any company that shows off this much talent deserves a pat on the back. Well done C.W. Telecom!
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Bluetooth Access Control reader


The days of having to carry a key fob or access control card is slowly coming to an end. New technology is taking advantage of smartphones to replace outdated cards and traditional keypad entry. Everyone carries a smartphone and it seems like a logical progression. Bluetooth enabled readers are making their way onto the scene and offering businesses, as well as homeowners the option of entering their properties with their smartphone. The technology makes the process simple and often times the new access control readers work with existing access control systems already in place. Readers are programmed via a PC with bluetooth connectivity or via a USB dongle that is sold separately. Besides the cool factor, it makes a lot of sense. You have the option of hiding the readers from plain site and allowing access by simply passing your phone within the bluetooth range. This will help possible vandals from trying to circumvent the access control reader or simply destroying it. The technology shows promise and with the sudden surge in home automation its only a matter of time before this technology goes mainstream.




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HD-CVI cameras offer a unique ability to allow changes to the camera via your DVR menu. This feature is very helpful to customers and installers alike. Once the camera is installed you have the ability to enter the camera menu by simply using the PTZ controls. The PTZ controls will allow you to make adjustments to the camera without needing to be physically at the camera. There is no additional wiring needed when installing your security camera since the OSD control uses the same coax cable to transmit its commands. Here is a brief video showing you how to enter the camera menu from your DVR to make changes. In this video I am making adjustments via my Mac computer using the remote software connected to the DVR.

Simply pressing on the Iris + button gives you access to the OSD Menu of the HD-CVI camera.

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Megapixall has opened a new satellite office in Pinecrest Florida. Located right on US1 right across the street from Five Guys and Yogurtland. Serving customers from surrounding cities in Doral, Kendall, Homestead, Coral Gables and Miami Dade. Stop by and have a look at our security surveillance cameras and digital video recorders.

New satellite location


Hands on Demos – Customers can expect a hands on experience when visiting the new location.

Technology – HD surveillance is well displayed for customers to compare. Customers can see differences between HD-SDI, HD-CVI, 960H, Analog and IP Cameras.

Construction – The showroom will offer customers real world installation techniques and examples. Customers can compare various security cameras types and how they are installed.

Live demo – Overlooking South Dixie Hwy offers customers the advantage of seeing cameras live as life happens and they can easily compare technologies and features from each of the offered camera models.

Video Surveillance Recorders


Experience – HD Video recorders for all the technologies are easily displayed for customers to interact and touch.

Remote Demos – Mac, PC, Android and iPhone demos are available for customers to experience. This helps customers to fully understand the capabilities of their purchase.


Experienced Employees


Customers visiting Megapixall can expect to meet with qualified experience professionals with decades of experience. We offer free consultations and support to all those that visit. You will not find pushy sales people at Megapixall! Simply experienced individuals that will give you an honest opinion of what you need.




  • Expect to feel at home when you visit. Buying security cameras should be painless and easy.



  • We encourage customers to bring photos, drawings and blueprints of their projects so we may better design their system.


Let us help you with your Miami Security Camera Installation is unique from other companies, we offer virtual assistance and DIY installation support, which we do so, free of charge to all of our customers. We evaluate your needs, requirements, as well as your location to best determine the right security solution for your  budget.

With the latest in HD technology and support from, most customers select to a DIY installation and we understand why. DIY security camera installations can really save you lots of money.

Our systems allow for easy self-installation that include everything you need to out of the box. Our HD camera systems and CAP (customer assistance program) Service makes security camera setup plug and play. In the event you need need assistance, our expert technicians are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5pm EST to assist you during your system installation and setup.

If you ever need additional help in setting up your new security camera system, you have the option of contacting one of our  authorized Megapixall dealers in your neighborhood. has partnerships with professional surveillanceinstallers and dealers throughout the Miami area.

Contact Us Today to discuss CCTV system options for your home or business!


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Gym Surveillance camerasGyms have a constant flow of members coming and leaving the health club. This makes them an ideal candidate for video security. Exclusive gyms and country clubs often attract thieves because of the members perceived wealth. This makes members and the property easy targets. A well installed security camera system will help keep your staff, members, and company assets safe from vandalism, theft, and possible violence.







Gym CCTV System Benefits

Theft and vandalism prevention – Well placed security cameras and monitoring warning signs will help prevent vandalism and theft to your property and your members’ automobiles.

Easy install – HD Digital cameras are much easier install and configure. Many of these newer HD cameras can be setup where you need them in minutes and can easily be reconfigured without professional help.

Protecting members – Surveillance cameras, especially in parking lot areas, will help to protect vehicles owned by members and staff and help to prevent break-ins.

Image Improvement – Having surveillance systems present coupled with security guards, helps to bolster your your business image and gives potential members a good impression. Current members are assured that their visit to your facility is safe and secure.



Health Club Security Camera Risks

Privacy Concerns– Protecting the privacy of your staff and members is very important. CCTV cameras should only be installed in public areas. Keep cameras out of break rooms and locker rooms.

Power Outages – Power outages and electrical surges can easily damage your surveillance system or even disrupt your video footage. Though rare, these damages do occur. We suggest you properly protect your camera investment and also have a backup security plan in the event your camera system goes down.

Weather damage – Wind, bad weather, rain and even falling branches are just some of the things that can easily damage your outdoor security cameras. We suggest you use properly sealed cameras and housings when installing cameras outdoors.


Surveillance Camera Configuring for Workout Facilities

When you consider security cameras for your location you must take into account that all health clubs, gyms, and country clubs will vary in size, members and surveillance needs. Here are some things to consider:



Gym Risks


  • Do you currently have security in place?
  • What’s your most pressing security concern?

Member Size


  • How many employees and members belong to your country club or gym?
  • Do you have a private parking lot or is your gym part of other buildings and businesses?



  • Does your property have outdoor facilities like a playground, basketball courts, tennis court, soccer fields, or a swimming pool?
  • Does your property have indoor locations for cardio machines, weight room, and fitness or dance classrooms?
  • Does the property have a snack bar or restaurant?



  • How many employees do you currently have?
  • Do you often hire temp staff such as life guards, camp counselors?


Company Events


  • Do you often host events similar to charity events, golf tournaments, swim meets, or basketball leagues?
  • Are there summer camps where possible non-members participate or visit the facilty?

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Church CCTV CamerasAttending your church, mosques, or any location of worship or prayer is typically considered a very inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Churches go out out of their way to may make the experience as welcoming as possible.  Unfortunately, this often causes churches to ignore security, and this results in the church being susceptible to acts vandalism or of theft. A well installed church video surveillance system helps to generate a secured environment for congregations in addition to the people they serve.


Church Security Camera Benefits


Ease of Install – The latest in HD technology makes installations very easy. With IP network cameras you can simply one 1 wire for the video and power. Many cameras even offer WiFi capability, this allows you to install cameras in those areas that may not be convenient to wire.

Prevent theft and vandalism  – Outdoor cameras installed on the church property helps to deter possible vandals or thieves.

High res images – Installing new HD security cameras at your church will provide you with high quality resolution making it easier for you to monitor your church and see more clearly.

Check recordings anytime – Installing a DVR (digital video recorder or an NVR (network video recorder) on to your network allows you to broadcast the church’s security video footage securely over the internet. This gives you the ability to monitor your church’s video security  system at any time, from anywhere in the world..

Broadcast your services – Often times church members cannot attend church because of illness or they simply are elderly and cannot travel often. Using a DVR or NVR allows your congregation to attend your services remotely. You security camera system can broadcast your services to all your members over the internet and bring you church sermon to the homes of those who can’t attend.


Church Video Security in Risks



Theft and Vandalism – Security Cameras  installed outdoors can be susceptible to vandalism or damage. Intruders, vandals or thieves try to vandalize security cameras  to hide their identity before committing the crime.

Power Outages – Power outages or power surges can cause a disruption in your church video CCTV system and can even damage it. Take precautions to make sure you are well protected against power spikes or acts of GOD.

Weather damages – Strong wind, rain, storms, and other outdoor hazards can easily damage your surveillance system and stop it from recording. Make sure to use proper surveillance products designed for these environments.

Configuring your CCTV System at your House of Worship


All worship environments including, Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues will widely vary in services, size and congregation. We suggest you consider some of these factors when installing a CCTV system in your church:

  • What is the Church’s most urgent  security issues?
  • Has there been a time you  wished had have recorded an incident on video?
  • How large is your church? Do you have a single building or several buildings with offices, libraries and classrooms?
  • Have you experienced any issues with crimes such as vandalism or theft in your neighborhood?
  • Do you have heavy interaction with your surrounding neighborhood?
  • In the past have you had issues with theft or vandalism?
  • Does the church host parties, sports leagues, weddings and youth events on premise?

Church Security Video System Advice and Setup


  • Install security cameras at all open areas such as offices, lobbies, libraries, cafeterias and classrooms.
  • Install a fixed camera at the pulpit when transmitting your video over the internet to your remote members.
  • Cameras installed at the parking lot will help to reduce vandalism and theft parishioner automobiles during and after services and other events.
  • Consider installing cameras during special events, to help reduce and prevent theft and problems occurring.
  • Properly installed outdoor cameras will help you monitor your building’s perimeter and will help reduce vandalism and theft of church property such as landscape equipment and other outdoor features.